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Scarborough History

The Grand Hotel

The Grand hotel was built between 1863 and 1867. After years of searching for a photograph of the Grand Hotel during its building I eventually came across this Stereoscopic view in America. The photograph can be dated fairly accurately as we know that hotel was started in 1863, but money ran out about two years later and it was left part finished. Work began again in 1866 and the hotel was completed in 1867.

I believe this photo is the earliest photo of the hotel in existance.

The above photo also shows the old spa buildings 'Paxton's Music Hall'. This building would be destroyed by fire only a few years later in September 1876. This was replaced by 'Verity & Hunt's Grand Hall'... which still stands today.
Above is a close up of this photograph showing very clearly the Grand Hotel under construction. Notice the scaffolding surroundng the building. The spa bridge can be seen on the lower left.

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